The Two Worst Ingredients For Your Health and Waistline

There are two things anyone interested in serious fat loss must avoid. These two-things are trans-fats, found in margarines, hydrogenated oils (shortening) and processed foods such as cakes, cookies and crackers. The other is high-fructose corn syrup. Here’s why these two ingredients produce unhealthy, ugly belly fat and should be avoided at all costs:1) Trans fats are lethal. They cause good cholesterol (high-HDL) to plummet, and bad cholesterol levels (low-HDL) levels to skyrocket, leading to possible heart disease and increased risk of stroke. Trans fats are created by adding a hydrogen atom to a cis-unsaturated fat, which eliminates a double bond in the fats structure, and changes the cis-unsaturated fat into a saturated fat. This process is known as hydrogenation. The reason for this process is that hydrogenation creates a fat with a higher melting point and longer shelf life. Naturally, this is attractive to producers of baked goods and snack goods, as the shelf life of these products can be extended by using a hydrogenated fat in their preparation. The New England Journal of Medicine reviewed a comprehensive study of the effects of transfats on health in 2006 and reported a “strong and reliable connection” between consumption of transfats and coronary heart disease.2) High-fructose corn syrup is another ingredient anyone who is serious about lasting weight loss must avoid. HFCS is found in many processed foods, including sodas, yogurt, salad dressing and others. High consumption of products containing high-fructose has been linked to the skyrocketing rate of obesity in western culture, as consumption of HFCS it is believed to affect insulin production. This eventually leads to insulin resistance, a key contributor to gaining belly fat and type II diabetes.So what can you actually eat if you want to lose serious amounts of body fat and avoid these unhealthy additives? Plenty, If you can avoid processed foods, you will avoid these diet wreckers. Read labels, and learn what foods contain trans (hydrogenated) fats and HFCS. Concentrate the bulk of your diet on eating healthy carbs like fruits and vegetables which are high in filling fiber, and are low in calories. In addition, choose adequate portions of lean protein rich foods and healthy fats such as olives, olive and canola oils and nuts for maximum weight loss results.

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