If You Want to Radically Improve Your Health and Weight Loss Then Read On!

There is always a lot of confusion amongst those looking to lose weight about whether they should be using supplements and which ones to go for. After all, TV and magazines continually push the ‘latest and greatest’ new Fat Loss pill or gadget that will really make a difference and for only 49.99 GBP, per month, for life… or until the next greatest pill is released.Truth is you don’t need to break the bank to get your hands on one of the best supplements out there not only for weight loss but also to super charge your health.Fish Oil.Fish Oil contains a healthy mix of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) which are both Omega 3 fatty acids. EPA and DHA play vital roles in ensuring the correct working of the human body, right down to a cellular level.If you can can achieve optimum health from a cellular level then you will be able to achieve lasting health in your body, and ultimately be able to maintain a lower amount of body fat. The way I get my clients to think about their health is simple comes to a simple question; Have you ever seen a healthy fat person?You see…Healthy Cells equal Healthy Tissue
Healthy Tissue give you Healthy Organs
Healthy Organs will give you a Healthy BodyThe Omega 3 fatty acids help maintain the health and functionality of the Cell Membranes which according to the ‘Alternative Medical Review’ Volume 12 ‘are literally the pacemakers of metabolism’. Healthy Cell Membranes equal a higher, faster metabolism.The International Journal of Obesity reported that after giving its subjects Fish Oils as supplements they lost, on average, 5kg in 8 weeks. This is without other changes to their lifestyle. Their eating habits stayed the same and they didn’t do any exercise.Alongside this the health benefits of Fish Oil are amazing.• Helps Ease Depression
• Helps Lower Cholesterol
• Helps Lower Triglyceride Levels
• Helps Reduce Inflammation in the Body
• Helps to Eliminate Joint Pain
• Improves Your Skin Quality
• Increases Your Focus (I have noticed a HUGE difference in mine!)
• Helps Reduce Risk of Heart Disease
• Reports Show It May Slow Breast Tumour Growth
• And so on…What I recommend is getting your hands on a high quality Fish Oil (Omega 3) supplement and follow the dosage as recommended on the tub. I suggest two capsules with each meal (6 capsules per day) for the best return on investment. It won’t take long for you to notice the difference.Have an awesome day!Sean Ryan
Fat Loss Specialist

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